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Average rating:  (5.0)
 I love this barn!, 1/19/2018 
Reviewer: Caroline Robinson (Tallahassee , )
This barn is the greatest! I ride Tank for lessons and I have been to camp 4 times! Mrs Nikki makes everybody feel great and the horses are so sweet! I hope everyone gets a chance to go here and ride a horseback here because they will fall in love like I did. I love camp, lessons, and birthday party’s! Thank you Mrs Nikki for the best experience
 Caroline , 1/19/2018 
Reviewer: Caroline Robinson (Tallahassee , )
I ride Tank and have gone to camp 4 times! Happy Trails does birthday party’s and I had mine there! Happy Trails is perfect for young and older riders of any age! Bud, Tank, Jet, Ace, Cowboy, and Gus! Mrs Nikki and everybody makes you feel welcome! I love Happy Trails!!!
 GREAT Experince, 6/29/2015 
Reviewer: Gabe Gleason (Tallahassee, )
I worked at happy trails after school for hours and during the summer as camp counselor and the energy and happiness that was floating around the ranch during the summer and even during the school year followed me home and even effected the way I felt on work day I looked forward to it. Great lessons, Great camp an Great Leadership. Thanks for everything Mrs. Niki.
 The best place EVER!, 5/16/2015 
Reviewer: Ava Lynne Phillips (Tallahassee, )
I have been riding at happy trails for 5 years now! It all started when my friend had her birthday here. I fell in love with all the horses! So when I was old enough, I went to camp! (age 8) On my first week of camp, I rode Apatchee I thought i couldn't have that much fun again! then ms.Nicky got a horse Jet. I rode Chance then a horse, Tank, got a hurt hoof so I got to ride Jet and a girl in my lesson, Ella, had to ride chance, me and Jet fell in love! I have ridden him for 3 years, and i have been leasing him for the longest time now! Overall, Happy Trails ranch is the B.E.S.T place for horse back riding!
Reviewer: avalynne (tallahassee, )
I am ava i have been riding at happy trails for 4 years.And so far it is AMAZING.I go for lessons and camp.I ride jet AND chance they are the best horses EVER and i think you should try it out if you LOVE horses like i do.I want to tell you about the horse shows,they are AMAZING you do all of these different classes,and it is SO MUCH FUN.MISS.Nickey is so nice to, in camp she teaches you how to but a western bridle on your horse and she teaches you how to put a western saddle on.So over all this is the BEST PLACE IN THE WORLD.Wait one more thing she has 2 dogs one is hank and the other is hurshey these to dogs are AMAZING and at camp they do tricks like jumprope and the jump through hoops it is amazing you should totaly try it out.


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