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Camp is FULL.  

Please call(850) 893-0771 for any cancellations.

Thanks and Happy Trails, Nicki!


If you love horses, you'll love summer camp at "Happy Trails."


One week sessions are held all summer long. Activities are appropriate for both boys and girls.


Campers learn basic riding techniques, ride around our training coral, Campers also learn how to saddle and bridle one of our gently and happy horsess, and how to groom and care for the horses.




To the left is our 2018 schedule for summer camps.  Please feel free to submit your requested dates.  However, please understand the camps are a first come first serve basis.  Once we have called you to confirm your reservation and we receive full payment your reservation your spot (s) will be held.   Please do not plan on the date until it is confirmed. 



Cost: $325 for a weekly session.

What the kids are saying about our camp!

“I have been to Happy Trails for 7 years now, and I still enjoy every second of it!  The horses are very nice and it’s very fun to ride them.  We do something new every day and it’s very exciting.  Ms. Nicki is nice and instructive and I would only have her to teach me how to ride.  I plan on coming to Happy Trails for many more years, either to learn or teach.   I LOVE Happy Trails.” Caylynne, age 11 

“I love Happy Trails because the counselors are nice and helpful.  Also, I love the horses.” Lexi, age 11 

“I really love Happy Trails because the counselors are so nice and I love to be around horses.  I’m glad that I came to Happy Trails and I hope I can come back again.”  Sofia, age 7 

“I love horses a lot, but I live in a gated community so I can’t have a horse, so I absolutely LOVE coming to Happy Trails.  Ms. Nicki is awesome, the counselors are great and the horses are wonderful!  I hope I can come to Happy Trails for the rest of my life!   Tekla, age 12


“I love Happy Trails; it’s my favorite place, the home of many sweet horses.  It sure beats going to the mall.  I love Happy Trails, I’d rather be here than anywhere else.  To go along with that I have the best horse teacher I could ever have.”  Alayna, age 10

 "I love Happy Trails.  “  Camilla, age 8“Happy Trails is a wonderful fun way to learn about horses and how to ride them.”  -Caylynne  10 years old 

“The counselors and director were firm when needed and always kind and patient.”  -Whitney  12 years olds 

“Happy Trails is an awesome camp!  It has wonderful horses.”  -Karis  7 years old

“I love Happy Trails!  It is my FAVE camp!  -Hannah 12 years old

“Happy Trails is great!  I learned to ride here.”  -Angel  11 years old


Sorry, no trail rides or horse rentals