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Sorry No Trail Rides

Western Riding Lessons in Tallahassee Florida

All riding lessons are FULL for January through May 2019.   

Please call 850-893-0771 for any questions or openings.


Sorry, no trail rides or horse rentals

Come to Happy Trails Ranch for the complete horse experience.  We teach Western riding.  It is a fun, relaxing and easy way to ride a horse.  You don’t have to own a horse to take lessons at Happy Trails.  For only $45.00 an hour, you can learn to ride on a gentle Happy Trails horse.  We teach all levels, beginner to advanced.  Lessons begin in September after Labor Day and continue through the second week in May and are taught once a week.  

Have a great summer.  Check out our summer camps.

You will learn how to use all the tools necessary to groom your horse.  You will learn how to put on the saddle pad, saddle, and bridle.  Next you will learn to walk, trot and canter your horse.  Twice during the year, Happy Trails has a Horse Show for all students and boarders.  You can “show off” to parents and friends all you have learned at Happy Trails.  Some of the events include, Western Pleasure, Horsemanship, Halter, Showmanship, and a very fun and exciting Obstacle Course!   

 “I started riding at another stable that taught English.  Then I moved to Happy Trails.  I started to           ride Ahab.  I really liked Ahab.  I really like Happy Trails and their horses.”  Millie Age 8 

 “Hi, my name is Emily and I have been riding at Happy Trails for 3 years and I am on my 4th year.  I rode Ahab for 2 years and am on my 2nd year with Apachee.  Ms. Nicki has 9 horses of her own and lots of boarders.  Ms. Nicki does Western riding lessons, boarding, birthday parties and summer camp.  One of my very best friends rides with me and every lesson is different from the last.  It is my favorite place in the world and I could stay here forever!   Happy Trails to you!”    Emily, Happy Trails lover age 11.


 “Hello, my name is Emily B.  I have been riding at Happy Trails for so long I can’t remember.  I also have somebody who is very close to me and we have a blast.  I started lessons on Apachee, and then moved on to Chance, and now I’m on Ahab.  Ms. Nicki also has two sweet, loving poodles, Hank and Hershey.  She (Ms. Nicki) has lost a dog named Clyde who will always be in our hearts.  She also has 4 cats.  Well, if you want to learn how to ride a horse, come to the best teacher in the world.”  Your friend,  Emily B. age 12 

“Hi, I’m Alexis.  Happy Trails is awesome!!  It is so much fun spending time with friends, but most of all horses!!  I love Happy Trails!!”   Alexis, age 9

“I’m Brittany B. and I’ve been riding at Happy Trails Ranch since I was 10 (I’m now 14) and I still LOVE it!  I have made so many new friends, experiences, and memories riding, working and hanging out at Happy Trails.  My first horse was Apachee, then Cherokee Red, Bud, Cisco Kid and now I ride the beautiful horse Gus.  I remember my first time here when I was 6.  I come for a Girl Scout party and met Hershey and Clyde, the amazing poodles, went on a hay ride, fed horses which cemented my love for horses.  I love Happy Trails!”  Brittany B. age 14

“Hi, I’m Julianna.  I moved from riding Apachee to Cisco Kid.  Happy Trails is great for all riders.  I had my 3rd birthday here.  Their dogs, Hershey and Hank are really cool.  They know a lot of cool tricks. If you ride here, hope you have a blast.”  Your friend, Julianna, age 10 

 “As a child, I grew up with a passion for horses.  My childhood friend had a birthday party here when we turned 3.  I re-discovered it when I was 12, looking for a replacement stable after my old teacher become pregnant.  I started off riding Ahab, moving on to Cisco Kid as I grew.  I am now 14 and still loving the beautiful estate that is Happy Trails.”  Sarah, age 14  

 “Hi, my name is Maddie.  I love Happy Trails!  I ride western.  First I started out with Ahab; today I am riding Cisco Kid.”  Maddie, age 9 

“My name is Flannery F.  and I am 15 years old.  I first came to Happy Trails for my 6th birthday party.  I didn’t take lessons here until a few years ago, but I absolutely love Happy Trails!  It is the best place I have ridden  at!  I started out riding Cisco Kid, then I rode Chance and now I’m riding Cisco Kid again!  I love horses, and I might be leasing a horse here named Ebony Star.  I work birthday parties here which give me a chance to work with little kids and ride horses, both of which I love to do.  Thanks Ms. Nicki!” Flannery F., age 15 

“I love Happy Trails.  It is the best place to ride.  Bud is the easiest for me to ride, and he is the nicest horse here!”  MaryAllen, age 9 

 “Hello, my name is Beth Ashley and I lease Cowboy at Happy Trials.  I used to come here for lessons though, and took 2 years on both Ahab and Bud.  After a short break from riding, I found that I couldn’t stand being away from Happy Trails and came back ASAP.  Ms. Nicki has been incredibly generous with me and has made all my horseback riding dreams come true!”  Sincerely, Beth Ashley, age 14 and Cowboy 

“Hello, my name is Marley.  I’m 10 and I’ve been riding for a while.  I had my 6th birthday party at Happy Trails and I couldn’t wait for my 8th so I could start summer camp.  For two years I rode Ahab, a cute Arabian perfect for beginners.  Then I started on Apachee, the world’s best buckskin.  Before my first horse show, Ms. Nicki, my teacher, asked if I could ride Cisco Kid, the gentle giant and I’ve been riding him ever since.  Happy Trails is a great barn.  It has two lunging rings, a boarder barn with plenty of stalls and you can lease a horse if you’re not ready for your own.  There is also a grass arena and a dirt one.  There are two horse trailers.  There is also a huge pasture with a forest-like area.  Ms. Nicki has the nicest dogs, perfectly kid-friendly and they can also so tricks!  If you have a birthday party at Happy Trails, you will go on a hayride, watch cat and dog tricks, ride horses, and feed hay to the horses.  Every time I come to Happy Trails, a smile will light up my face and I forget all my worries.  Happy Trails is the best place on Earth!”  Marley, age 10